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Full Version: Carbon Theme by Rooloo
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[Image: Gd1rNN2.png]
Carbon is a new free flat theme for MyBB 1.8 by Rooloo Designs
You can download it for free and enjoy

[Image: kJqFEjS.png][Image: Et1BtjJ.png]
You can get support at our official website 

Pretty nice theme but too much bordering!!!!
very simple and easy on the eyes
good work
Demo is down.
Seems nice.
(2014-10-02, 07:10 PM)mikeh Wrote: [ -> ]Demo is down.

Fixed it Smile
O... M... G... this is just amazing. Recommended.
Nice theme!
This looks great, however I find a glitch with the menu on opening the modal.
[Image: 8i0Rofx.jpg]
Sir, I use your theme and this is what I noticed :-

[Image: 01d6e3a95b8d3d7a229bdd33f88735be.png]

There is a little problem with the last post being empty or misplaced, something like that. If you could help a bit then it would be great.

Edit : Forum Link :

Thank you.
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