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Full Version: Purple Board - Flat Purple Design
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[Image: gsUxff2.png]
Purple Board is a flat and purple free theme designed for MyBB. The design is minimal. I've taken care to make sure it looks pleasing to the eye.

The only thing that needs to be forgiven (in my view) is the WYSIWYG editor. I'd have to make a new editor_theme for that. Other textareas are dark so that the eye doesn't need to be stressed by white boxes in dark designs. I know people hate 'em.
  • Simplistic Look
  • CSS Postibt Buttons
  • Default theme overhaul
  • Featuring FontAwesome Icons
[Image: MpFRCe7.jpg][Image: DmqpM6I.jpg]  


You can request support here.

I like this but not sure i like the wide of the purpple in the header. any chance of changing the size of it to fit with the forum lengh?


You can change anything you want, provided you not redistribute it.
What I did was to align the text of the nav, header and container in the same indent. You can change widths to your liking, however.

You can always find out the class names via Inspect Element, but just for reference:
[Image: AfZe6JQ.jpg]

I removed the width property of #header and added "margin: 0 auto". I also removed the "wrapper" class from the #logo and .menu elements of the header template.
Am i allowed to change the header to a image instead of the purple colour ?
Of course you are, you can change anything you want, pertaining to the license.
Mhh, why dont the FA icons work ? i uploaded the purpleboard folder into the images folder, still no FA Icons :c
Do you have a link where I can check it out?
I don't see a theme "Purple Board" in your forum.
its called Dark there ^^
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