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Full Version: [split] Merging Kunena -> SMF -> MyBB 1.8
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before i converted it from smf, it has avatars but now its all gone but everything is fine now. What should i do to restore the avatar of my members?

Can anyone help me with this? Im converting it now and i closed my site temporarily so i need to find an answer a.s.a.p.

I cant convert it without the avatar of my members.
^ please use suggested plugin. avatars can be added later
Sorry, didnt see that Smile I tried it but i messed up installing it so im requesting my host to restore my database Smile.  I am thinking what to do now because some of my members complaining that some of their posts and pics are gone. Im not sure if its because of kunena - smf or maybe some lost too while converting from smf-mybb. What do you think should i do know? Give some of them the access to edit some of their posts and put online the old back up so they can copy it from them?
Are there important things to remember migrating so the database will be intact like getting complete posts and pics? thank you
The merge system does have modules to convert forums, threads, posts, moderators, usergroups, private messages, and a few other things.
(2015-01-21, 04:21 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ please use suggested plugin. avatars can be added later

What do you mean of it can be added later? Each users have to upload again their avatars manually?  I installed the gallery plugin but it shows like this attachement and at the buttom theres a thumbnail that is not loaded completely. What should i do so the images will stay the same the way it looks on the kunena forum the the attached image has a full image view. thank you



I'm restoring it but i used the root username and the blank password. I dont want to repeat the steps. Where should i edit it? Config? config of kunena,smf and mybb? or just mybb and everything will be ok? thanks

by the way i copied everything inside my test folder. including kunena which smf is inside and mybb folder. ist ok that i remove them all and just put the content of mybbfolder to the main folder of my live site?
well, if you are interested in MyBB then you can keep only MyBB system files.
if you also like to keep the other systems (for reference as archives) then you can keep them (in different folders)

if you move MyBB system files from sub-folder to main folder then you have to also change the forum url
and related cookie settings first in ~/inc/settings.php file and later at the settings of admin panel.

more details on cookie settings

note: ~/inc/config.php file contains MyBB database details
I just merged it on my live host and everything became perfect that i only need to config the forum but the problem is my admin and password is not functioning and i tried to recover it in my email but it says the forum is locked if i reinstalled it and uncheck the lock the forum before installing.

I tried to edit anything i see the prefixes with _user or member and edited the admin username that i see but my admin still doesnt work.

I didnt overwrite the loginconvert.php yet because i havent deactivated it in the control panel as it is still lock. I think it will get corrupeted if i just overwrite it. Im not sure if it will help me with the password of my admin. i hope i can see it in the file manager
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