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Full Version: Sound notification for DVZ Shoutbox 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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This slight addition allows you to add a sound notification for DVZ Shoutbox when a new message is posted, using its internal hooks system.

1. Open the attached file and upload the dvz_shoutbox.mp3 file to the images/ directory on your server

2. Open the dvz_shoutbox template (Global Templates) and add the following code after {$javascript}
    if ($('#shoutbox').length) {
        var audio = new Audio(rootpath + '/images/dvz_shoutbox.mp3');
        audio.volume = 0.2;;
waoo , nice update sir Smile

thanks a lot of , work like charm
Sound doesn't work and I did everything you said to do!
Yeah sound doesn't work

I lied this does work, can you add an option to disable it if a user don't want it?

Next you should add attentions in it
yep the people are right, the sound is not working, so explain what to do now?
Strange, it works for me Confused
don't work, any suggestions?
not works to me.. how.??
Used to work on Your version but doesnt work on the Private Messaging version.

Apparantly it doesnt uses dvz_shoutbox Callbacks

Any help?
working for me
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