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Hello all
after alot of research i leave here with 1.8 MYBB Theme Unique

Features are:

  • Font Awesome Icons in all templates
  • jquery tooltips
  • Slide login/user block (clicking in username/login)
  • Tabbed profile page
  • Costum Portal page with slider and texts bo(some bootstrap elements)
  • Top menu with multilevel dropdowns
  • Costum footer with 5 columns
  • Side bar on index

on sidebar exists a user block with some info and avatar that its not available for mybb default user groups(1,5,7)

being this the:
group 1=Guests
group 5=Awaiting Activation

group 7=Banned

it can be edited on index template to the usergroups you prefer
since its a user box theres no point in unregistered persons have acess to it

to use this theme theres a must have
2 plugins that are provided in along with the zip file and must be installed (if you like lol)
1º: PHP and Template Conditionals (2.0) [BY ZiNgA BuRgA]
     this is used for the sidebar user block
2º:MyBB Default Avatar Fix (0.1) [Created by SvePu]
    this is for fixing the missing avatar in costum themes

also ive edited a bit the monocons editr stylesheet to match with the theme

jquery tootips credits goes to iAndrew
slide login block credits goes to Dynamic Drive


Mods site:
This seems to have been approved on the mods site. Added a link to the 1st post. Sorry for latency.
Theme looks very light and modern.
(2015-10-10, 07:41 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]This seems to have been approved on the mods site. Added a link to the 1st post. Sorry for latency.

cheers Wink
i was wondering why the thread wasnt aproved Smile
but i also know that staff as a lot of work so i know that sonner or later yould be Wink

many thanks Wink
how would i make this look better? looks very bad Sad
[Image: 84d2b3b3466241f6f4a03bfacd1841a5.gif]
when you install plugins such as myalerts (that insert template edits) you also must edit those templates so that doesnt happen
if you care to provide a link to your forum a temp admin account with themes/templates acess i will fix it for you

You were right! i just disabled them as they were not needed anyways one more thing how do you edit the template for mobile users? i cant find it. Amazing theme by the way
its not ready to mobile (not responsive, sry)
thats odd i go on my iphone and it looks like its configured for mobile? the header and footer get resized for mobile view and everything else stays the same and it doesnt let me zoom out or in ? I also ran a test with google and it says its mobile friendly.
i was starting to do it responsive and it does have some elements adaptable to mobile but the theme its not fully responsive (about 20% is) it was to much work and time to do it for free and time i dont have much
you can always try and make it responsive
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