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Full Version: [For Sale][MyBB 1.8] - Reported Posts Plus
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Reported posts + (plus) enables users to view posts (in list view) with additional details in user control panel, along with count on profile. Option "enable report details" allows other members to see list of reported posts by a particular user. Top reporters contains a list of users sorted by highest number of reports (+ last report date / time).


[Image: yGBQFi5.png]  [Image: zdw4hfo.png]  [Image: r28z48a.png]  [Image: NFGPjJS.png]  [Image: ge3nOet.png] [Image: Xu1Jkn1.png]

Cost: 15 USD

Payment methods: PayPal / Bitcoins

Demo: PM me for demo
Group namestyle plugin has been added and first post is updated with previews for darts plugin.
hi johnny is the group and goal still for sell i am guess sell the rights correct ?
It's still for sale (single copy only, the buyer wil get it with all rights on purchased plugins).
#Bump. Prices are lowered
I hope you get this sold soon.
Just a update: first post has been updated with new plugin.
#Bump. New plugin (PM conversations) added.
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