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I've added you, maybe that will work out on that.
#Bump. I'm lowering Conversations plugin to 40 bucks. I'm looking to sell one copy only (with full rights included). Or if someone is interested in all plugins i'll sell them for 50 bucks together.
#Bump. I'll looking to part will all plugins above for 40 bucks.
#Bump. I'll looking to part will all plugins above for 35 bucks.
#Bump i'm looking to part with all plugins for 25 bucks (or somebody wants conversations plugin for 20 bucks alone). Plugin support is provided with it (for MyBB 1.8.x, doesn't apply if you have plans to mass resale it).
if i purchased all plugins i have the permission to sell plugin copies to others ?
What is mean by 25 bucks .
Once purchased, you are free to do whatever you want with them (sell them for profit, release it for free or keep it for yourself).
what is mean of 25 bucks ?
25 US dollars (aka bucks).
O.k. Thanks.
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