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Looks good
I don't know, I have a thing about the dark brown with blue. If other members like it, then there must be something wrong with me.Toungue

Looks nice
Looks good
Major bug fixes has been made new version 1.4 is now out
Good working. I do like this colors Big Grin
Merged Jag100's threads as requested by him.
Blue Night (MyPortal Version) Is Now out

destroyer Wrote:Merged Jag100's threads as requested by him.

Wow, u do excellent work , great theme! very nice job! hot!
u should of named it hot pink! were u in fishnets when u did this?Big Grin
kding, awesome though!
c if u can do one in a black light theme,w ith flourecent colors , higlighted with shadows 2 boot!
Hey man, i found a problem on your theme 'Blue night'. I downloaded it from the mods website and from here and both have the same problem.

I'm unable to login with the form in the head section. It sends the password field empty, no matter what you time on it. (Redirected the form to submit it to my test.php which only shows the username/password that were sent).

I fixed that issue remplazing the 'onfocus' script you have with the one of MyBB Default Template, so I also added onblur...

this is the code:
onfocus="if(this.value == '{$lang->login_password}') { this.value=''; }" onblur="if(this.value=='') { this.value='{$lang->login_password}'; }" />

With this im able to login now.
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