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Full Version: set the correct domain
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Only today I realized that the domain address is not sure he will complete, but it is of no prefix "https: //", I would like to correct and see if I can not fix a problem, thanks.

[Image: OTt6qYv.png]
Click there for zoom to URL.
that is a feature of your browser ! however a fully secured site is supposed to show https:// prefix with the url

edit: have you checked it with other browsers (eg. firefox) .. looks like your forum is not on https
Hello, is not https in Edge, Firefox and Chrome, no template exists where I can manually correct the address? thank you Wink
Have you made sure in your settings that you have https for the board url?
I've checked and you don't have an SSL certificate, so it won't work over https:// anyway, but as said above, browsers won't always show the http:// in URLs. There is nothing you can do about this, it is the same for all websites.
Hello @dragonexpert, was created to fatigue and the forum with a long time, unfortunately I do not remember those settings you say where I can test them and how.
Thanks @Matt the answer, the fact is that I strongly believe that with the correct address, can have previews on social embedding, after the time I spent (in my ignorance) I regret not having a well-made forum Wink
@shadowfree as said Matt your site doesn't have an SSL certificate. You can activate it in altervista control panel.
Go to the section 'Risorse' and click the button 'Attiva HTTPS'. I activated it for free in my website.
To activate it you also need to activate Cloudflare.
I have activated the 'HTTPS, but I see no change, there is something that I failed to adjust?
Thanks Wink

[Image: smTWx7E.png]
You'll now need to change the Board URL setting to
Thanks Matt, forgive me for asking, but are highly ignorant on the subject, as I correct now the URL? from which setting ?, excuse ignorance and thank the patience
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