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Full Version: [Sale] Material - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8
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Hello friends

After a month of working with it, today we would like to introduce to you a completely new theme - Material
Built on Material Design Lite, along with a combination of other plugins like: Slippry, Chartist, Colpick, .... To create a theme perfectly and completely style material.

[Image: D9oQRO8.png]

Responive design.
HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery.
Design style material.
Neat, clean.
Font Awesome icons, Material icons.
Multiple Color Options (Colpick Development, 6 Color).
Effect Modal Login (Magnific Popup), search....
Menu mobile and panel sidebar with touch swipe
jQuery features like sidebar, slider, tabbed profiles, full layout and boxed layout, sidebar box with tabbed interface etc.
and more


Version 1:


Version 2:


Price: 35 usd 20 usd - for both 2 version. for the theme, and extra 25 usd to remove copyright.
Method of payment: payment via PayPay or Bitcoin

Contact: PM or email: [email protected]

Thank you
************ ************
Looks cute. Nice work :thumbsup:
Soo creamy and so fast, nice one Wink
Wow I love it!! I will definitely get it in the future!

Is there a way of changing the main page forum categories view for the classical view instead? I love how it looks in your theme but I think my forum members won't appreciate the changes.
thank you. $35 is for both 2 version.

Theme has been on the demo:
Update v1.1:
- Mini fix
- Plugin profile cover
Do you have a paypal link for me, i want to buy it now <3
(2017-01-25, 10:12 PM)Wazzyl Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have a paypal link for me, i want to buy it now <3

Check your mail
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