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Full Version: Multiple Thread Prefixes
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Hi, is it possible add multiple thread prefixes in a thread?

Like: [Prefix 1][Prefix 2] Then title of the thread

And then with these prefixes use them in queries etc, in this way you can show for example on portal page only threads with Prefix 2.

Thank you
This is something we found ourselves kind of wanting with this sugegstion forum, so I think it would be pretty useful.
+1 Agree that this would be useful
As long as we can control the maximum number of prefixes per thread, I'd support this.
I'd like to see this too, like Starpaul20 said - we could have a setting in the ACP so that the admin can sex a maximum number of prefixes per thread, possibly even on a usergroup basis? Has anyone thought about thread tags yet too? They'd be good for getting accurate search results.
The limit would perhaps make sense to be on a per forum basis I think.
I'm curious if people could use topic prefixes as tags, but just style it differently.
I support this, but if we are using prefix multiple times then why not implement a tags method in MyBB. I believe multiple prefix will function like tags only.
What is the difference between a tag system and multiple prefixes? Is it that admin has to define the set of prefixes whereas members can create new tags?
I believe so. The tags could possibly be used to populate the meta keywords HTML element too.
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