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Full Version: MyBB Programmer and Full stack developer with best prices ever.
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I am here to ofeering my services.

Plugin creation.
Plugin edition.
Theme creation.
Theme edition.
Fix Dabatase errors.
Forum creation and /or editions.
Webpage creation.

And many more, you can ask for some project, plugin, or whatever you want and i can make it for a good prices.

Payment methods (Bitcoin or paypal)

At this moment i have some plugins and i have maded some free and exclusive plugins for users, i can provide you for any mybb version or even if is a wordpress, or some other script, or native php, etc.

Send me a request in here or via pm.

You can see some of my work in my youtube chanel or in my website.

I have some more products now...
I have added more producto to my portfolio of plugins and some other stuff.

IMDB MyCode for retrieve information of movies, series, games and more:

User Tools to customize some parts, like postbit background, thread subject styles and sticky your threads, this runs by a task to set status as original with days of items available. Only postbit background stays in there.

I have maded more other exclusive plugins, cheap prices quick and high quality services Smile
I'm still ofering services, now bitcoin now available.

I have many customized working on high quality jobs.

So be free to ask for some service Smile
Vouch for Whiteneo, as always he has never disappointed me for my requests Smile
Thanks @WallBB many times i have a little time to work and right now i am only available by discord chanels so i do not use skype or other msn systems due i allways are log out, hahaha. I prefer to deal with mails due that way i am notified at the moment the mail arrives to my account on my cellphone so i give a reply at the moment i see the request Smile any other ways i allways take too much time to do due i never use that messenger systems for none circumstances.

But i am oferring services for weekends only for now Smile when i have some free time to work Wink
sent you a PM Wink
i pm you check
Yes i have seen the pms and replied it.

Thanks for your time.
There aremany other new jobs into our site and more.

You can sent me a feedbackor go to my discord chanel either to talk about some services or purchases.
Check your pm
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