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Full Version: Online Today plug-in won't reactivate.
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I don't know what happened but when I deactivated Who's Been Online Today plug-in for a bit and now I try to activate it again, it won't let me but says "MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue."

Quote:SQL Error:
1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column myusername_nevermore.nevermore_templates.tid at row 1 Query:
INSERT INTO nevermore_templates (tid,title,template,sid) VALUES ('','online_today_index','<tr> <td class="tcat"><strong>{$lang->whos_online_today}</strong> [<a href="online.php?action=today">{$lang->complete_list}</a>]</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="trow1"><span class="smalltext">{$lang->online_note_today}<br />{$onlinemembers}</span></td> </tr>','-1')

So I go to the database and that templates table and push Insert, and add those values. But it didn't help and I didn't find a template by that name in my global templates or anywhere. Then I went to my admin cp and added that template to my Global templates. Still nothing. What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be?
tid field needs unique integer value (incremented by 1 for new template)
which plugin you are trying to use - can you give its exact name / link ..
Show the users that has been online today (2.0)
Shows the users that has been online within 24 hours.
Created by CraKteR - Edited by Sinatra

in the plugin file find "tid" => NULL,
change it to "tid" => 0, save the file.
try uninstalling & reinstalling the plugin & check if the change helps ..
No, nothing changed. Well, in the plug-in file when I changed the "Null," to "0," it stopped being colourful but is now just regular text which I don't think it should be.
hmm., there is another plugin for online today. can you try using it .. (#) ..
(2020-02-17, 03:34 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]hmm., there is another plugin for online today. can you try using it .. (#) ..
You can use it but it has got a bug too
No, it is already fixed, but NOBODY wants to give it time to test it so i only have tryed to test into my boards and it appears to be fine, but once i really know the bug was fixed then i will release it.

Anyways it is not a BUG it is a changed file common way to retrieve guests sessions so i have to update the code but in lesser versions have to work fine, that is not a bug it is a CORE CODE improvement that have to beed added into the file to make it work into mybb 1.8.22 version.

Out of that it is available from  ma for while ago P for my boards Premium users already but nobody have told me if works so i supose it works because i have been asked before about that problem but until now i don't have any clue of that and until i have more information i can release the version to the public.

Now, if SOMEONE wants to make several tests to be sure it is working fine i will give it the time to work hand by hand to fix it asap and release it Smile
Are you looking for someone to try it ? If yes, i would try it on mine. I hope i haven't understood you wrong.
It's open to all users, unfortunatelly as you know only a few people contribute so if you have the time then it will be apreciated.

But i hope many people can help on this because for that kind of reason many times i don't keep this mods up to date due i don't use it into my boards i use the files from premium zone.

Stay in contact then on discord or in here for we can do some several tests with the new version that i am reviewing if you want it to do.
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