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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC2 Released
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Please discuss MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC2 Released here.

If you are having problems with the upgrade/install, please post it in the MyBB Merge -> General Support forum.
This thread is only to discuss the release itself.
woot! more converters!!!
Nice Tiki. Thanks for all your dedication in the Merge System.
The merge system is excellent. I have used it on a number of ocassions and always successfully.

Thanks Tikitiki for the effort you have placed into this.
Tikitiki has been working hard on this (and will be for the next 8 converters Toungue). I commend him for that Smile
I just love his avatar Wink

I can't say I have any boards to convert, but I still enjoy playing around with the merge system. Hopefully some larger boards will now start converting to MyBB - making it more recognised Smile
blueparukia Wrote:I just love his avatar Wink

Really? I was thinking of replacing the "Tiki" statue dude in there with a picture of me giving you a thumbs up.

Haha. You almost believed I would didn't you?
Pity I read the post bottom to top Toungue

Now this is not off topic....
thanks Tikitiki.
I'm converting 6 forums
congratulation Ryan, gonna see how it's work
thanks mate
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