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Full Version: MyBB Skinz - Now Open
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Hi there,

I have decided to go back into MyBB Theme Design after a long break from it.
I have obtained the domain MyBBSkinz.Com and have set up the forums.
Would love for some of the designers to join me and submit their work to the Downloads section to get things kicking off.
Would also love some tips etc on making things better.

I think a better theme for your site would help. No Offense.
No offense taken.
I will be doing a new theme soon. Well, as soon as I get motivated enough that is. Big Grin
I think there's getting to be too many theme forums. Toungue
I agree you need a new theme.

And is this focusing on 1.2.x themes or 1.4.x themes... or can both be submitted?

I will join and post a bit. Smile
FirefoxWiz. You still here? Toungue

1.4 can be submitted also I guess, once it does not contain any files for any of the beta versions. Wink

Yeah gonna work on a new theme soon .Smile
a new theme site?
good... lets have a look Smile
Yep. Have a look and feel free to join up.
Just a reminder, the current theme will be changed soon. Possibly in the next 24 hours. Currently working on one.
I like the design .Looks cool .But the theme color can change for a better one.
Updating that theme at the moment.
I am not to crazy about another theming website but each to their own. I like your logo and the theme colors are great. Thanks for sharing.
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