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Full Version: Mybb 1.8.x Turkish Pack - Mybb Tam Sürüm Türkçe Paket
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Complete Turkish language pack for MyBB 1.8.x and1.6.x (1.6.8, 1.6.7....)
Last revision: Sept., 01, 2012, for MyBB 1.8.0
Hayırlı olsun !!

Hayırlı olsun... Welcome MyBBDestek
Only supporting, only MD!

Hayırlı olsun...
Internationalization Bölümünde Olduğumuza Göre Türkçe Olarak "HAYIRLI OLSUN" Diyorum Big Grin
I have been waiting for it. Finaly Turkish MyBB users can get support again.
I have updated the first message about upload Turkish Language pack.
Good news. Welcome back MyBBDestek!
There is good news Smile.I'm glad to hear this.Go MD... Wink
Congratulations MyBBDestek.Com And Manage Team. We Are Really Happy To Hear That.

We're Waiting For New And Strong Improvements About MyBB From MD And Turkey..

Good Luck! And Have A Nice Year!
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