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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.3
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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class myplaza_am_handler in /home/mhd-01/ on line 15

I have this error when go on modules!
@alvarorojas4, activate the inventory module and click the "Add Inventory item" sub tab which is located in the categories page.
@Giangy94, I didn't change anything in _am files I think. And as the error says, there's already a file declaring that class. You may have uploaded some files to the wrong directory. Check inc/plugins/myplaza.
That file is in that direcotyr(../inc/plugin/myplaza/""files"".php
I upload today the 0.2.3 version!
I don't know what do!!
that's the problem, the file should be in inc/myplaza Toungue
I have the folders in inc/myplaza and also in inc/plugin/myplaza!
The problem is that you CAN'T have inc/myplaza files (core files) in inc/plugins/myplaza.
You should just upload it by the file structure you have to the root.

If you have a different name for the admin just upload the admin files to that directory.

Other than that you just need to upload the other files the the root of your server.
Seems I forgot one thing in the download (as always :X)
The inventory.php file. You can download the inventory module from the modules thread at my site. (Check the first post for link). As far as I can remember the changes I commited were not to inventory.php so everybody which uploaded 0.2.3 files over 0.2.2 should have the bug fixed. (see change log for more info on the bug)
Is there a way for admins to edit the amount of money a member has?

AdminCP-->Users and group-->User that you want change-->edit user-->money-->edit his money!
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