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Full Version: The Hackers Hub
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This forum does NOT allow illegal hacking, it is just the name of it. I have a few sections for just chat and i am making an advertising section for you all.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
So it's called Hacker's Hub ... but doesn't have anything to do with hacking.
Well, its more programming than hacking but yes, if you look around, there is no hacking forums.
Then why call it that?

Mostly default theme and no real content or goal as a community ... you should work a little harder at this before showing it off.
I have just started it, i am working on a custom theme but i have so many plugins it is a real gamble. I called it that because most people who are that into programming, graphics and sort are also hackers and a hub is their source.
Hacking doesn't have to be illegal. The term has a longer history of being associated with computer geeks performing various techniques with hardware and software before it did with illegal activity.

Quote:The difference between hackers and crackers is that where hackers use their skills and knowledge to learn more about how systems and networks work, crackers will use the same skills to author harmful software (like viruses, trojans, etc.) and illegally infiltrate secure systems with the intention of doing harm to the system. True hackers don't participate in these activiities and generally frown upon them.

A pile of script kiddies like to hijack the term. It however doesn't change the reality of it's true meaning. for instance was based off it's more pure true meaning.

Notice the forum categories back then? Yes now it's expanded but HF is still a site that doesn't promote illegal activity despite it's users intentions with their knowledge.

[ugh...was this post off topic? Sorry]
Yeah. Well, it is not even a white hat forum, and wow, only 300 members! but we have no intentions of even getting that far into hacking. and Jesse, may i update the quick ban to also have a quick admin?
What? You can use the plugins on your site however you want. You are not however allowed to release them or distribute them in any manner.
I asked if i can modify them and give the new and improved version to you?
Hm.. Default theme = -1, no content related to the name = -1...Overall, -2Confused Maybe get/make a theme, and make some more relevant content. - Tom
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