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Full Version: [Release 1.4.x] Anti IE BBCode
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Anti IE BBCode

Short Description:
With the Anti IE BBCode you can post content that Internet Explorer users can't just hide the content of post, not hide the forum altogether

Regular Expression:

[Image: b7d80a7bc18d6554057280c23ddb7e81.gif]


Hmm... a plugin that alerts users to the fact the site may break in IE but letting them continue to the thread if they wish is one thing, blocking content to IE users is another... when most people use IE, all they're going to see are error messages.
In in my code, users will never see the contents within the post, But see a Blank Post...

In secong MyCode which I already release, But requires admin approval, the IE users will never see the contents within the post, But see a Link of downloading FF from the home page ...
That's my point, it's going to drive members away. There's another plugin that tells users that IE is rubbish, gives a link to download firefox, but then there's a link to read the thread anyway; you're blocking content altogether. What if people are on a computer that only has IE installed?? They're not allowed to view posts?? If I was on a computer with only IE, which was the case when I was at college, I wouldn't mind being given the option to use FF as long as I could still view the threads with IE, but I wouldn't like being completely blocked when I had no option to use another browser.

Just my opinion...
hmm... Its a MyCode not a Plugin...
In plugins you can make the settings, Or you make a function as to edit the options for IE or any other Browser usres,

In This Mycode, It just forces the users to download the Best browser , and to get rid the IE Smile

It being a plugin or a mycode is nothing to do with what I'm saying, whatever you want to call it, it's the concept, what it does, it will drive members away.

And also, don't you use IE?? And IE6 at that...??
I am using IE but not using this mycode at that time Smile
I didnot install this MyCode on my forum, so don't afraid about that ...

Yes this is the possibility that the users will no longer will be available on your site using IE, But I make that code, If any one interested in using , and to restrict their members to NOT use IE, then they will be Free for their opinion...
This is absolutely worthless. Why would you hide content from IE users?
Utterly dumb.
This is useless, considering the number of people still using IE.
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