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I don't know If I am allowed to ask such a thing..
But Can I Design The Graphics For The Next Version Of MyBB?
I'd do it Free (Duh)
And would be honored to do it, Chris or other developers, please get back to me. Smile
Just show us a preview, or create a preview of the next graphics on a site somewhere, and PM Chris or some other staff people, then we'll discuss it from there.

umm chris will not think twice to put ur logo if it was nice, and if he likes it, however, a general logo isn't always preferred, as the occasional's are to have better luck!..
look at the christmas logo, that one i made, put it in a thread, it was the start of christmas days, and as the occation and he liked it, it was chosen!!.

Will reply with my awesome graphics previews later.

Please remember I am only doing the graphics, This is a preview of what the theme must look like, Chris, Could you, when working on the newer version, make the forums in a threaded structure? (As seen in the theme preview I made for the next version of MyBB).

[Image: mybbtheme6ck.png]
So what's it going to be Chris? Do you accept?
So shiny. Me likey a lot Smile.
Although I'm concerned about the top bar. The one with the logo and the extra text. How tall is it? (I have a phobia against large header parts on any site)
Which Top Bar?
What text has it got on it?
The box with "Search, Member List, Help", bits for PM and buddies.
It is 27x25px.
Its a bit too glossy for a default skin for a bulletin board in my opinion. Its not bad though.
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