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(2012-03-15, 03:14 AM)terzier Wrote: [ -> ]although to get the plugin does not require large funds .. however, a lot of interests should come first rather than buying a plugin Blush.
You obviously did not read my latest post. I will tell you how I see it one more time: I do work for money. Creating a plugin is work and takes time. I can eighter create a plugin or go and work somewhere else. Whatever I do, I have to get money to make a living. I have to pay for my food, my appartement, the university and everything else.
You do not have to buy plugins. Just go ahead and make them yourself if you do not feel comfortable with paying for other people's hard work.

And now please- back to topic.

(2012-03-22, 08:52 AM)kaal123 Wrote: [ -> ]can we use this in 1.6.x?
Yes, there is a version for MyBB 1.6.x here:
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