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I've got a custom skin & set up just the way I like it, also right now I'm looking for some staff. Guests can view any topics in the first category but if they want to see the rest they have to register. Anyways besides that tell me what you think of it [Image: BOUNCE.GIF]
You have way too many boards, start with less and add more as you grow Smile Another thing to add is a welcome message explaining what your forum is about Big Grin
Looks good though the theme is a little bland and doesn't really have much of a gaming feel.

Also by blocking off your threads like you have google is not going to be able to index your site properly, therefore your search engine rankings are going to be terrible and you will have to rely entirely on word of mouth to promote your forum. It also gives the impression that your forum is empty from the index page which doesn't really make you want to register.

Finally, I don't see why this forum is different to any other of the dozens of gaming forums that open every week. That is a big thing that you will need to work on if you want to make it a success, you need to make it different and offer your members something different to get buy in such a competitive topic.
Actually I have the googlebot set to the members group & it's been crawling pages very good Smile but thanks for the response about it.

You don't see how it's different? How many other gaming forums have you been to that offer cheat codes, gaming news updates, as well as gaming discussion in one place?
(08-02-2009, 02:10 PM)scylla Wrote: [ -> ]How many other gaming forums have you been to that offer cheat codes, gaming news updates, as well as gaming discussion in one place?

Almost all of them...every week a new gaming forum showcases itself here. and yours is no difference, your not targeting a specific crowd you target ALL GAMERS...which is huge but its also a popular and stupid way of doing things.

Target a small gaming audience then grow slowly.
The bigger the audience the better. I don't want our users having to go to different sites to find what they need when they can find it all in one site Smile
So instead of targeting an audience that gets overlooked and therefore visits your forum, were you will eventually grow. Your just going to be another general gaming forum that tries to do everything and will inevitably fail?
Don't try to be quick to judge and act like you've been to every gaming forum out there. I'm sure that some of your attempts at a gaming forum have failed but I do things differently than you do.
Whats different about your forum compared to every other general gaming forum?

I had 1 attempt at a gaming forum that was just starting, when I was approached and pitched Team2Play. The reason they decided to bring me on was because I had targeted my audience and had put a lot of effort into my work. then I closed the forum. that's not a failure its moving forward.

The fact is you have a forum with a theme, you have barely put any work into this other than uploading some software.

why would users go to your forum when their are bigger forums offering exactly what you are?
all your negative responses earned yourself a spot on my ignore list, prowler. Now let's hear what other people have to say.
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