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As i'm sure you are already aware, we have some testimonials on the MyBB website which randomly rotate.

We're constantly looking for more to add to the site. Feel free to submit your testimonials in this thread and we'll get around to adding them to the site.

It would be good if you could adhere to the following format:

Name: The name you want shown
URL: URL you want your name linked to, if any.
Comment: Your testimonial you want displayed, try to keep it short. Good spelling and grammar also helps Wink

Also, if you want to show your support in other ways as well, there are numerous ways you can support us.

At our HotScripts Listing, you can rate MyBB if you haven't already. You can also write reviews. Writing reviews and rating MyBB help us maintain a high position in the Discussion Boards directory on HotScripts and draw more users to MyBB.

(However, please don't abuse HotScripts - only rate and review MyBB once!)

One of the greatest compliments and thanks you can show us is by supporting our software, and recommending it!
Name: GameZRule
Comment: If there was no MyBB, I'd rather not have a forum as everything else isn't as powerful or as easy to customize.

[Added - 21/12/2005]
Name: GameZRule
Comment: Can't afford vBulletin but really want it? Try MyBB, It'll change your mind, guaranteed.
Name: kodaks
Comment: The very best in forum software. Excellent design and features make MyBB a winner!
Comment: Wherever you surf on internet, browse buletinboards, u will promptly difine which is mybb and which are the other softwares, it's just better organized, proper, easy, clean, well designed, simple navigation, and fulfill whatever u need. you will understand it easy, and at that moment u will realize why it's the best.

Name: Belloman
Comment: I tried phpBB, didn't like it. I tried SMF, didn't like it. I saw MyBB, installed it, tried it, loved it! Others feel the same way, as I know because I've convinced them to change over. It is just as powerful as the competitors, even the ones you have to pay for, and definately the most powerful and professional FREE forum software out there today. I tried MyBB, why don't you?
Name: Prophecy
Comment: I am an avid vBulletin fan (I own 4 licenses) and I have to say I am glad I found MyBB. It does exactly what i need and I can't say that I miss anything from vB.
Name: Lou_habs
Comment: I tried many user boards for my company, but really the only one that did what would be best for my users and staff was mybb. It really is a wonderful board.

Comment 2: The support from the mybb makers is wonderful. After a problem with my board, Chris Boulton himself came onto my board and helped me fix my problem, and ensure it never happened again. Shortly after, he released a fix to make sure everyone using the board, had the fix. They fix every bug they find, and really put their heart into the project. That is why, I support and recommend, Mybb.
Name: FeeferGross or Chris
Comment: I have tried every other software and I was a huge fan of IPB until their switch. MyBB has given me back everything IPB had and even more!
Name: Daniel
Comment: It's rather good.
Name: Cloud Strife
Comment: I like it, i can say that is the best on the net. I like how easy is to edit it.
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