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(2009-08-14, 03:35 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]The design needs work, yes. Let's comment on it in a nice fashion. Not 'that sucks! change it'.

I thought I was pretty damn nice O_o
Violation, could you please read my previous post? We're asking for comments on the website, not on our staff, so if you could stick to the topic it would be tons more helpful than saying things that should go unsaid.
Yeah, nobody was being terribly mean, so let's just drop that. All I want now is cnc, as BlueWack can benefit from it (and he should be listening, as designing is about user satisfaction!)... Themes and site suggestions are real welcome! Big Grin
I love the theme. Is bluewack letting you release it?
We could release it ill look into it in a few days.
Thanks, its a very nice theme. Just it think Bolder text is needed thats all Smile
Theme released at *Look in the MyBB 1.4.x section, He will be releasing several others as well.

- Aaron
That is very nice, and i thank you for doing so.
Sorry about our domain. It has just expired and we are in the process of transferring it as well as replacing our current settings. From my experience this task will take a maximum of five days (edited, cause I was thinking of DNS updates Toungue).
Hopefully we can get BlueWack's skin through the approval process here. If he lets me, I ,and possibly him too, would like to make a few improvements to make it more cross compatible between browsers and to look the same across all resolutions.
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