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Full Version: Neutral iPod
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New site:
[Image: logo.png]
I have just made a Forum called Neutral iPod. I have been doing a bunch of editing images ect. I am curios Dodgy any suggestions? I just uploaded it like today October 14 so its not going to be perfection yet Shy
Any suggestion appreciated I have not even started advertising yet so not really any members.
If you got suggestions about the posting amount how about you join and post some Smile

Update: Got a domain chose a .net because it flows Wink

Big Grin Please register! Big Grin
Theme looks alright, customize it a bit!

Get some content.
Get some plugins or customize your forum so it separates you from the other iPhone, iPod, and Apple forums out there.
If you're serious, register a .com

There are a lot of general Apple/iPod forums out there. Make sure you target one specific and aim for it.
Nice suggestions, I just recently switched to a so for now until I get enough money and a certain amount of active members I will not get a domain. I have done it before I bought a domain when I did not have but one active member and ended up getting my money back, because I realized it was not worth it until you know your forum will be a success.
Please define content i don't know what you mean. But overtime it will not look like any other forum you have seen. It will take around a month for everything to look the way I want I estimate. I do have a specific aim in mine several actually will eventually figure out the real one. But when you don't have a main target your forum will fail I have realized. So thanks for all the great feedback.
Content = posts, portal news, etc.
Well like I said just got the site reuploaded today so posts are not going to happen like right away xD, but i am working on the portal have never done anything with the portal so slowly working on it. Once i learn how to do some stuff
Bump guys if this bumping things works. I have customized the theme a bit and am still in the process of doing it to the full. Sign up guys, the community does not have any real members yet be the first to post.
I don't like your name to be honest. It means that you are not fighting for or against it. It may seem like a good idea to house both parties, but its not really.
Well my name imho is great! I like it its basic! Thanks for you suggestions though Wink in the end the name comes down to what the owner likes.
You really shouldnt take the App Store icon and use it on your forum.
Give me one good reason why I should not. Its look pretty good imho.
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