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Full Version: 1.6 Section
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I deleted it when I realised I basically said the same as what Tom said Toungue
Ha I got the developers to leak out the Beta date, My bad. I do that sometimes.
I've just installed the 1.6 dev, looking good...i like the permissions settings in admin cp!
Where you get that? Not fair >.>
(2009-11-17, 04:57 PM)combus Wrote: [ -> ]Where you get that? Not fair >.>

Umm, the SVN has been open to the public since redmine has Toungue.
^^ what netsage said!
Really? I alway miss that kind of important things Toungue And even now, I can't find it xD (I registered at the Dev section, but it was only for plugins and bugs for what I can see lol)
You have to know how to use SVN Toungue.
I knew there was something somewhere but I always forget about the wiki. Blush
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