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So we can discuss about MyBB 1.6
It's in development and featured locked what is there to discuss? They'll make a zip for the beta but it's not ready for that stage yet. We'll just get a bunch of people crying there are tons of bugs.
(2009-11-20, 06:33 PM)Auryx Wrote: [ -> ]So we can discuss about MyBB 1.6

Feel free to test it from the SVN. Report any bugs you find at

It isn't available as a download as it's still in development. Only people who want to test it - not use it out in the public - should be using it right now.
I arleady have it installed on my localserver
We are not recommending you install MyBB 1.6 unless you have advanced knowledge of this field. It is currently not in a "stable" state, per-se, and we won't be providing support until it goes gold. In addition, any bug reports made to the MyBB 1.6 SVN code will be "scrutinized" and we'll delete old bug reports if people don't follow up with us on fixing the bugs.
(2009-11-17, 05:40 PM)NetSage Wrote: [ -> ]
(2009-11-17, 04:57 PM)combus Wrote: [ -> ]Where you get that? Not fair >.>

Umm, the SVN has been open to the public since redmine has Toungue.
Oh shoot I knew we had a security hole with that thing!!!

plugins and themes for MyBB 1.4 works in 1.6 version ???
Some will just need the version number to be changed, some will need a few other changes, but it's not going to be anywhere near as major as 1.2 > 1.4 was.
where to download the SVN version of the mybb 1.6

I installed tortoise
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