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Full Version: 1.6 Section
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Yei! TextMate is a recommendation Toungue

But I couldn't set up my svnX althought the wiki said I only had to enter the Name and URL. It says "svn: warning: 'http:/' is not a working copy"

EDIT: there was another little window that looked exactly the same but it's called "Repositories". It anyways returns "svn: 'http:/' is not a working copy
svn: Can't open file 'http:/': No such file or directory". BTW, I did write "http:/" for the path.
You're missing a slash after "http:/"
Thanks Smile I don't know how I got that wrong, I remember copying it from the wiki, but probably I didn't.

Ohh MyBB 1.00 :O This is pretty cool
And he made a thread after i requested Smile
None of that SVN stuff makes sense to me, I guess no 1.6 beta for me Sad
(2009-11-20, 01:16 AM)Joshee Wrote: [ -> ]None of that SVN stuff makes sense to me, I guess no 1.6 beta for me Sad

Look in tuts section. They did a tut for you :p
Where you found the 1.6? Is it the trunk folder?

EDIT: nevermind Toungue
1.6 should be like the 1.4 beta. The SVN is only for development not beta releases :p
A 1.6 section would be wonderful. Also if you want i can upload the latest trunk files in a .rar for those who don't know how to fetch the svn
Why? Most people shouldn't even think about touching it right now.
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