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Full Version: Highslide 4.1.13 Zoom/Slideshow/Watermark 5.0 Plugin
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(2010-08-12, 02:38 PM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]
(2010-04-08, 03:50 AM)Glas Wrote: [ -> ]awesome plugin
but yeah
i have the same problem
Exclude signatures please!!

Exactly. It would be beneficial if one could choose which Images are resized using this Plugin and which aren't.

Like Signatures. That must be excluded, or even better, given a choice if thats supposed to be or not.

Did anybody find out how to do that yet? The MyCode covers all regular expressions and I do not know how to create exceptions for it...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Takes also the signature images in the "slideshow"?
it is possible to do the same for attachments??
Can an plugin prints my logo at time of uploading image??
You mean when you're uploading an image to an image hosting website like Photobucket or Imageshack, you want the watermark to be added? That's not possible, at all.
Excellent Plugin. Thanks..
please help
I need add resize in Editpost (edit in WYSIWYG)
now , when edit post then very large picture
How to get this to apply to the ezgallery plugin for MyBB?
i uninstall this plugin cause this is not a mobile friendly plugin..maybe confilct with the .js script..when somebody post a download link with image it doest download the file instead the image is open..
I got in a little late, but with MyBB 1.6.6 the Templates & Style is not the same.
No Admin Cp>Templates & Style>Templates>Theme>Ungrouped Templates>headerinclude
How do I finish the install?
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