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Full Version: Highslide 4.1.13 Zoom/Slideshow/Watermark 5.0 Plugin
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is this compatible with mybb 1.6.6?
Yes it works with 1.6.7 as well.

Has anyone found a fix for the signature problem? It's pretty annoying. xD

Nice plugin though, thanks.
alguém pode me ajudar, estou com o mesmo problema.
Great plugin, thanks.
We fixed the issue with zooming signature images by doing the following:
1) Install the PHP Template Plugin
2) Replace the postbit_signature with the following
<hr width="25%" align="left" size="1"/>
<?php echo preg_replace('/\<a href=(.*)hs.expand\(this\)(.*)\<img(.*).src="(.*)"(.*)\<\/a>/','<img src="$4" alt="İmage" title="İmage" >',$post['signature']); ?>

Basically this bit of PHP just extracts the image out of the highslide modified HTML and puts it inside a simple image tag
Great plugin, but how would I go about changing what size it resizes images to in the thread?
(before you click on them)

Edit: nvm was in the mycode -facepalm-
This is one of my favorite plugins. I actually used highslide in my phpbb forum as well, so I'm relieved MyBB has a version.

My only problem is, as others have already mentioned before me, the fact that even small images are taken into account with the plugin. I've used the suggestion above and took care of signatures without a problem. But does anyone know a way for the resizer to skip over images that don't need resized to begin with? If phpbb can do it, I know MyBB can Wink

Overall, it's a minor annoyance we can live with. But I imagine a fix for it wouldn't be that complex (though I could be wrong).
Very nice thanx installed and works a treat
Really good plugin
How can I disable the effect to the smilies?

I have a problem. Where can I go to change the border color? Highslide-ie6.css I tried, but does not change ..

Solved. !
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