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Hey everyone, I'm back with my latest website, Falconhosting! Falconhosting is my hosting business, which provides cheap and reliable hosting. We're dedicated to giving you the support you need, with fantastic packages and a nice community. So, come on down and check us out. Smile
Our website is now up, and we're running on automatic software. Just a heads up. Big Grin
Do you give falcon punches to abusers?
btw, your site is terrible, please! Hire a designer.
I'm sorry but you're wasting our time.

1. Your on a sub-domain(to top it off a .info sub-domain).
2. There are ads...(paid hosts shouldn't have ads)
3. No real theme integration across the site. Usually I wouldn't make a big deal out of this but your logo isn't even the same.
4. Why not just use THTs ticket system? As well I don't see why you want people to register 3 times on your site.

Fix all of this then come back. Also the link doesn't work.
To add to Alex's list:

5. You're reselling a free web host (Bryansoft).
6. You're using the default THT theme and logo on the ordering page
7. Your prices and disk/bwidth allocations are not shown
8. You didn't remove the ACP link in the THT navbar
9. There's no red tab when you're on "Package Shop"
10. General crappiness
To top it all off, I've just been greeted by Mr. J 404
Woah, guys if you don't like it you don't have to be so harsh... I'm still working on better designs, it isn't the end of the world... And, I just realized the link was broken, and I've fixed it.

Also, I don't know what you mean, register 3 times. Forum account & Client account, is all you need.

Again, chill out with the design stuff, I have better themes coming soon, what do you think I've been looking for?

Is it wrong to resell? No, it's not, so no need to complain. Smile

And, once I get a few orders I'll be able to buy a domain, I just can't get it yet. Me and my partner are working on it.

Again, I'm still working on some design and logos, so please give me time.
I wouldn't care if it was free hosting. But, paid hosting is supposed to be professional out of the box. You're not going to get anywhere without us being harsh here.
There's a difference between helping and hurting. I'm happy to get some great tips, so please keep them coming. But, you don't have to bash me completely to a crisp. I have a designer friend and he's made me a Mybb theme, which I'll be re-adding soon. Plus, I'll work on a new logo for my shop, and make it look nicer.

And, I'm also going to be posting the sizes of my packages soon. I still have to re-work them.
Well you this the problem. Your showing it off before it's ready to be shown off. If you were already doing all this you should have waited till it was done.

I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just being real. As you are trying to get money from others. Your customers are going to be riding your lime when something goes wrong.
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