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Was wondering if myBB plans to make a intergration with Drupal CMS any time soon? Because I've been looking for a forum script to replace the Drupal forum module and so far I have only found about 2 forums that are going to do that.

Quezza and Simple Machinces, but on quezza the development is going to take some time and not to sure of the forum script setup (and I am design staff there lol). SMF has already a drupal intergration but is on alpha stage and has a lot of bugs and dosen't work with a already active drupal cms.

So any feedback will be apriciated, if you do plan on doing this I can help with little of drupal coding. (little)

much love

Come on I've seen some admins going online today it don't take much time to answer. I think I better off waiting on smf forums for a reply lol

Well I don't think we're going to be working on an official "module" for Drupal in the near future, since we have higher priorities (such as getting the security issues dealt with, and releasing 1.2, and other development stuff). However, this doesn't prevent other users from creating their own integration module with Drupal and releasing them.
I think this is the right thread to post my question. I'll launch a new educational website which will require CMS and a forum. I've been goggling the last few days for which CMS I can depend on, and after a lot of reading for different reviews in different places I've found that Drupal is the way to go (There are a lot of reasons to tell you why I've picked up Drupal over Joomla or TYPO3, but we can discuss it in a different topic). So the curren available forum that could be integrated is phpBB and SMF. So any help to have or do a module or plug in for integrating MyBB with Drupal?
I'd very much like to see a MyBB integration module for Drupal too, since I'm considering using the latter as a CMS.
Someone finally has made a dual login with Joomla and MyBB, but I strongly prefer Drupal. Can someone with more programming skill than me, please Smile, look at how they do it, and see if the bridge can be modified for Drupal and MyBB?,35/


Drupal6 has OpenID in the core now.
Does anyone know how to use this MyBB plugin?
A plugin to accept only OpenID login authentication

Thank you
Well ... I've been asked to tell the reasons why I've picked Drupal.
First of all after a lot of search for the few previous days regarding which CMS could be considered I've found that there are 3 CMSs widely used which are Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3.
  • TYPO3
    • Feature List.
    • Is TYPO3 for me ?
      If you were impressed by the feature list you're probably asking yourself if this product is for you? Be aware that all the flexibility and richness come with a price: complexity. If you're not ready to spend a month learning the system and are in a hurry to satisfy a customer, you should probably look into getting somebody to help you or look for something else.
      TYPO3 is a very huge and capable system and it cannot be fully learned in a week! TYPO3 will always have a long learning curve for developers. Once mastered, the system will let you do the most complex website and the authors using it will love you for the choice of TYPO3.
    • If you compare the whole features and abilities for Joomla, Drupal and TYPO3 ... TYPO3 win all the way, but again it is not easily to understand it because developer has a special approach for coding every thing including themes, templates, ...etc so you will need advanced knowledge for html, css, ...etc. You can go for this website to compare the 3 CMS for every thing, just hit the link here then choose Drupal, Joomla, and TYPO3 from the left menu, then you will find a detailed comparison for the whole 3 CMSs.
    • So I've found TYPO3 is not for me and I dropped it, but just telling what was my found.
  • Joomla and Drupal
    Now I will give you few links for reviews that did helped me to make up my mind, and it was really helpful to let me choose Drupal.
    • 1st.
    • 2nd.
    • 3rd.
    • 4th. and there are more videos there if you are interested. Wink
    • Finally I've realized that which one to pick will mainly depend on your needs and how much time you want to spend on your website. In other words both CMS has its strength and its weakness, so you just review its features then you will find which one to go with.
I hope that you find it any helpful, and please if there is any wrong information please correct me because I am just a poor newbie guy in CMS world.
Thanks, Good Luck

Note: So far I am using phpbb3.0.0 with the new website, and I hope to use MyBB soon.
I've never fully understood what the advantages are for having a CMS. I mean, what does one do that makes it any easier than not having one?
Well, for those who don't have the time or knowledge to code or code and make their own layouts. Everything is premade for them except the articles.
ahero4heor Wrote:Well, for those who don't have the time or knowledge to code or code and make their own layouts. Everything is premade for them except the articles.
I am afraid that I do not follow you, do you mean it will be done or what? Smile
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