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Full Version: Programmer to Programmer
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No custom skin as of yet and the site has literally just been completed today.

However, a skin is in the works (once I'm good at it) and I hope to increase the forum's activity rapidly.

It's on a sub-domain of a company I run I'm afraid.

Treat me gently!
too... much.... forums...
lol there are meant to be.

I had to stop at those because of the amount of subjects under programming is immense!
I like it. Who is your host?
Me, it's on my little company's server.

Although the site is under construction at the moment.
is it not?

Can you post a screenie and what browser you're using because in IE7 and Firefox 1.5 and Bon Echo (FireFox 2.0 Alpha) I'm not having any problems =/

I think that was the skin on the copyright part. Sorry, didn't notice it.
have a look
all mybb text is hidden
using ie6

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2721]
Hmm. Think I'll have to change the skin.

Sorry about that.
Sorted as well as the broken image.
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