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Full Version: Programmer to Programmer
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Done, what do you think now? Less scary lol?

Working on a German Translation of the Vista buttons at the moment for my theme Smile
Ok, we're still a little thin on the ground for members at the moment, but there's still posting ^_^. Also, it's where I develop most of my MyBB skins so if you fancy any previews, then that's that place to check it out and comment on them Smile
A new project has started up and is looking for a team. See for more.
We've added a News forum for users to post and comment on the current goings on in the IT and tech world.
A new coding contest has been announced:
Like the look of it.
Good work.
The skin that's default wasn't made by me, it was made by [email protected], I just changed a few of the icons for my board Smile
The boards have had one or two additions now so keep checking, registering and posting to keep up to date Smile
I liked your theme more. Will you put the vista theme back?
It will need to be installed again as the one that's currently installed is Aero but incomplete.

Vista won't be the default theme but it will be available via your User CP.
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