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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.1.2 Released
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destroyer Wrote:One step closer to 1.2 Toungue

I've upgraded my board Smile
Great job guys!

Also, isn't there some program that shows you what changes have been made in 2 files?

Like, you open up 2 files, and it shows you any difference in them.

We've made some changes to our CreateMyBB script, and my computer went haywire a few weeks ago. I lost all changes I did to the files.
WinMerge, KDiff, ...
That's it, thanks!
Thanks alot guys.
Great security updates...but we're still waiting for 1.2
I updated manually, went perfectly. Just one question, will you always release a manual upgrade text, because I have a load of modifications and I don't want to screw them up :p
Probably not for major upgrades like to 1.2, but in that case you can use a diff program to find the changes. But I'm not sure, maybe there will be a manual patch text (but it will be very large)
When there isn't a manual upgrade.txt file, I'm stuck. Sad
I think I'll be using 1.1.2 for ever then. Toungue
dude! that was like the easiest upgrade I've ever done!

silverwing <-- channeling surferdude
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