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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.1.2 Released
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Hey... I don't know PHP very well, but
7. admin/smilies.php

Find: (Perform this step TWICE - there are two instances of the code below)
		"showclickable" => $mybb->input['showclickable']

Replace with:
		"showclickable" =>addslashes( $mybb->input['showclickable'])
The replacement... shouldn't it be...
"showclickable" => addslashes($mybb->input['showclickable'])
That's the way it is in rest of the updates.

I changed it for my board... but I dunno really ^^
those tiny spaces shouldn't really matter in php...
Correct, it deletes the spaces and everything is on one line when executing so, but it looks better that way. Wink
FrashMX Wrote:Glad to hear. Hope it will work out for Berni.

Well no. I've got a root server (Debian sarge, latest version), and so I'm quite sure that there haven't been any php-updates. Im running PHP Version 4.3.10-16. Any ideas?
Is there any reason why the front page of the site hasn't been updated to say version 1.1.2 has been released???

(The Latest News section)

Chris Boulton Wrote:Updated.


Shouldn't it be dynamic?
well no because as you see it has a description, who will write this description else than a person.

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