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Full Version: Strict Username
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I second that resuest, and you hope you will have time to add it
(2012-02-15, 09:09 PM)mehtuus Wrote: [ -> ]2. And/or allow for blocking of repeating characters of three consecutive or more. (This is the more important of the two suggestions.) For example: Mikéé or Mikee would be allowed, however usernames such as Mikééé, Mikeee, eeeeee, or éééééé would be blocked.

Another suggestion:
What about blocking "Numbers only"?
So "Jeo123" is accepted while "12345" being rejected

No, I don't planned such function.
Maybe I will add textbox to add regex for block / allow, but admin have to know PCRE regex syntax:

I think is the best solution, because everyone can allow/block what he wants.

Hi Lukas,

This is nice plugin.
Now, should be corrected for supporting MyBB 1.6.7 login with email features.
The characters @ had to be remove from the plugin core Smile
Thanks for info, I will try to make new package today.
This would work only during registration if I am not wrong? While changing username via usercp, it can be any right?
I checked this and login by email working fine.
Plugin doesn't check any emails, only username during registration and change username.

As i wrote ealier, plugin check username during registration and when we try to change our username in UCP. In both cases, if there are prohibited chars, plugin will inform about this.
Version 1.6
* change license to LGPL v3
* change plugin sign in hooks
* code cleanup

Official page:


Plugin is avaiting validation.
I attached file to first post.
now there is the latest version 1.6.
how to renew?

whether stacked it with the old file, or what? Huh

please explain in detail Angel i'm newbie
Uninstall old version.
Remove files.
Upload new version files.

Simple Smile
(2013-03-04, 03:37 PM)lukasamd Wrote: [ -> ]Uninstall old version.
Remove files.
Upload new version files.

Simple Smile

thanks for the response
I will try to Big Grin

I've done it but version 1.5 appears still
please help me Confused
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