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Full Version: Forums won't mark as read
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Detailed description of your problem, including steps to reproduce if necessary: No matter what I do - click the forum marker, click "Mark All Forums Read" - the forums with topics/posts in them won't mark as read. I searched all over Google for answers and only found one solution: wait until 2.0. So...if there's another, I'd love to hear it.
URL to your forum:
New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)?: New installation of version 1.6.2 (1602).
Works for me...
works for me.
It's not working when I'm logged in.
Works ok for me too, I like the Apart Red theme, good choice
Let me repeat. When I'm logged in.
Which plugins do you have installed?
Are you able to select other Prototype functions, such as clicking "Edit" on a post or collapsing / expanding the forums? If you have the jSnippets plugin install this could also be a problem and conflicting with it.
There's only two plugins that I have. One says "Akismet" and it has the option of "Install & Activate." The other plugin is "Hello World!" and it only has the option to "Activate." Other than that, no plugins.

@trilobyte-: What do you know, the forums won't collapse. o.o But editing a post works, and I don't have jSnippets.
Sounds like a clash between something and Prototype / Javascript on MyBB. Have you installed any other codes or scripts or anything inside your templates?
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