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Full Version: Forum on Sale
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I finally decided to sale it.

[Image: pladvertising.png]

Price: Can range from 100-200 no more or less!

Here are some comments of people about the site .
There was a plan to sale this site from the beginning?
No, I was going to work hard on this site but I've grown more experience with forums and what people like and i'm working on a new project, and I would love my site to be passed down to another person.
Even though the theme is pretty cool you have 31 members. I wouldn't pay $200 for this.
I mean, you can just get people (fans) to make the 'community' work and you can get money from ads or something like that.

Pokemon sites can give more on long time period if you try IMO.
I know, but i'm selling it to someone who has the time! Also I did not say 200, I said 100-200 The person who is willing to pay the most will get it, so if you say your paying 100 or 115 you will have it as for now, and if in the next 48 hour no one wants to buy it then I will sell it to you.
Honestly, I don't think it's woth ~100$. I'd say around 75$.
What about 85-150 that sounds more fair! Also did I mention you would get 1 month of free hosting and you are also getting the domain name, that's why it should be like 100 or 115

Let me do the math!

-10 domain
-10 hosting
20 Dollars

70 theme
90 dollars

-Custom made homepage, all plugins installed, all rules already made, system created, great tutorials, and RPG + 20

90 +20= 110

110 should be it.
"We currently have 31 members registered."

I'll give you $2 and a picture of Megan Foxx
Theme: 10~30$
Plugins: Free
Domain: 10$
Hosting: 10$

Community: 50~150$ +?

If you want my opinion, continue to grow the community and then you can get better offers Smile
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