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Full Version: Cannot recount & rebuild on large forum
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I have recently spent 14 hours converting my 800,000+ post forum to mybb but i cannot rebuild the cache's for threads posts etc;

Everytime i try via the acp it just says: Click "Proceed" to continue the recount and rebuild process.

But has a button underneath saying Automatically Redirecting.. that i cant click and it just directs me to a blank page after a minute or so.

This is a problem i need need fix asap as none of the threads are showing up on index, everybody's postcounts are 0 and the stats are not showing up.

Apart from that, you have a great conversion/merge system compared to the competitors ( the post's left to convert counter go's a bit wonky after a while though Toungue ). I tried converting to IPB and it has failed everytime.

You may be running out of memory, are you on shared hosting or a VPS/dedicated server?
Doing this on my localhost before transferring it to my server Smile
MySQL or Apache could be hitting its memory limit. Could you try adjusting those values? (I'm guessing you know how)
I already gave them over 10gb so there should be no problem with that
Is there anything in the server error log?
From what i can see there is nothing for the mybb installation i have going Confused
When you get the blank page, is it actually blank? (View the source)
Yes it is completely blank :s
I honestly wouldn't know then, I suggest waiting for someone more knowledgeable than me.
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