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  My Video code.
Posted by: Felipee - 2010-06-03, 01:14 AM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (1)

I have a problem, i install the mybb 1.6 in my new forum, and i download the plugin from da website, in mybb.com and when i go to install the plugin it says "the version is not compatible " what i must do, i need use youtube videos in my forum and i dont know "how"

someone can help me?


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  Ban lengths
Posted by: ThatHeart - 2010-06-02, 03:03 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (7)

Is they a way of changing the ban lengths? I need to change it to 2 hours Sad

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  Can't select threads
Posted by: Schmarvin - 2010-06-01, 02:42 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (11)

When I got into a forum to open/close topics, or do anything to a topic via viewing all of the threads in a forum, it doesn't select any of them. I can put a check mark next to them, but then it doesn't count it when I go down to the action menu at the bottom of the page. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Oh, and I'm running the Beta, which is AWESOME btw

**If this is in the wrong forum, could the mods please remove it? Thanks.

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  Plese help!
Posted by: Minnemann - 2010-05-31, 08:44 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (3)

You can make a backup of sections, topics and posts members only? I cheated myself and installed the beta version
Please help!

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  Validation Output: 9 Errors
Posted by: Howman - 2010-05-31, 05:35 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (2)

Just an empty forum
Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 (9 of them)

1. Line 165, Column 52: end tag for "input" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

<input type="hidden" name="selectall" value="">

You may have neglected to close an element, or perhaps you meant to "self-close" an element, that is, ending it with "/>" instead of ">".

other errors are like this one

I can not seam to find them in the templates

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Posted by: Minnemann - 2010-05-31, 05:31 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (10)

MyBB SQL Error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'remember' in 'field list'
SELECT uid,username,password,salt,loginkey,remember,coppauser,usergroup FROM mybb_users WHERE username='Soul-dono' LIMIT 1

Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

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  Another broken button...
Posted by: Alex Stanford - 2010-05-31, 03:18 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (2)

<a href="javascript:Thread.multiQuote({$post['pid']});" id="multiquote_link_{$post['pid']}">

Again, the JavaScript for this button seems to be broken since the edit of the postbit_multiquote template as seen above.

Not only do I want to figure out how to make this work again but I'd also like to find out how to make the text color of the link to change after it's been clicked so that users can identify which posts they have marked for multiquote.

Thanks again in advance.
Ugh. I apologize. I've figured this one out as well.

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to request support. Smile

Thanks anyways.

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  Changes Break Quick Edit
Posted by: Alex Stanford - 2010-05-31, 02:39 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (5)

Hello again everyone,

Using an older 1.6 Beta, as most of you know.

I'm currently skinning the postbit. I just replaced the original postbit_edit template with the following:

<a href="javascript:;" onclick="Thread.quickEdit({$post['pid']});">
  Quick Edit<b></b>

But, when clicked it doesn't do anything. Can anyone shed some insight upon this?

I've basically removed the drop down and added a separate link for a full edit - but quick edit seems to be broken now.

Thanks in advance,


When I try:

<a href="javascript:Thread.quickEdit({$post['pid']});">
  Quick Edit<b></b>

I get an all-white page that reads "false" in the top left corner on click of the link.

Any ideas?

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  Locating templates...
Posted by: Alex Stanford - 2010-05-30, 07:07 PM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (6)

I'm working on reskinning the post bit of my forums.

The postbit template uses the following:

to pull the user's name and profile link.

Where is the template to control the output of that "variable" (or array value, rather) located?

Thanks in advance.

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  Odd template saving issue...
Posted by: Alex Stanford - 2010-05-30, 01:48 AM - Forum: 1.6 General Support - Replies (5)

Every time I save a template from the Admin CP it adds an escape (\) before every single or double quote (' or ") in the template upon saving.

Any insights?

Thanks in advance.

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