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[For 1.8] Ticketsystem v1.1.2
Thanks Jones, I'll mess with that to see if it fixes it.
So, how was your exam Jones ? Any updates ?
hello, i think this problem is for function is_member or is_master is not global variable.
other that, this problem is for multi selection group (I remember a plugin have this issue)

but now I fix this for short time until Jones H repair the plugin. in this adminstrator & super moderator can answer to tickets.(group id 3,4)&(remember this: if you change the settings of plugin , that group can see tickets but can't ans to tickets.)

for developers-slove way: go to    inc\plugins\mybbservice\tickets\modules     edit    answer.php   at line 16 you should remove     "!$is_master"    then add Gid example      "$mybb->user['usergroup'] != 4"      to conditions with and.

sorry again, my eng language is not good.
If it's not globalized you should globalize it instead of changing the if. Especially since your code only checks primary primary groups.
A as said: I need to take a proper look (hopefully this week) and see whether it's really just the forgotten global or whether something else is missing.
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I know everything takes time when making plugins, I give devs alot of credit for there work but is it possible to make tickets look exactly like taking the default mybb posts and new title threads?
It's surely possible. But as every theme looks different and needs different edits I can't tell you exactly what to change. The thread styles are in the "showthread_*" and "postbit_*" templates, you'd need to look at them and change the ticket templates for it.
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After Activating it i recieve the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home/a8800950/public_html/inc/plugins/jones/core/Core.php on line 12
please help
Are you running on PHP 5.2?
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Version 1.1.1 has been released which fixes issues with PHP 5.3 and with permissions when answering to tickets.
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Yop its PHP version 5.2.*
Any solution?

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