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[For 1.8] Ticketsystem v1.1.2
Ticketsystem by
[Image: mybbslogo2.png]

This plugins adds a full ticketsystem to your MyBB
The Ticketsystem uses JonesCore [More information]


Just upload all files into your forum and activate it in the ACP.

Download and Support
Downloads: Support: only on MyBBService
Support PMs will be ignored!
This is nice but missing a few features or settings i didnt see that would make this a full ticket system.

Permission based tickets, public / private
Ticket importance by color or drop down.
Screenshot ?
There's one screenshow at MyBBService

There aren't any plans to make a difference between public and private (or any other kind of) tickets. It's meant to have a direct channel to the admins (like the PI forum here).
Importance however sounds like a good feature. I'll take a look for the next version about that and categories.
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thanks. I did this Turkish Wink
nice plugin
but have problem with time ...
time of a reply or create a ticket
Uhm, I'm not aware of any issue with the times. However I'll recheck it when I've time to do so.
Support PMs will be ignored!
Can you please post screenshots?
It will help a lot. Smile
Back in the days.
Note: this plugin was unapproved due some security related issues - a fix will be released later today.
Screenshots will be added then too.
Support PMs will be ignored!
Version 1.0.2 was released which fixes some XSS issues and one SQL Injection.
Screenshots were added too.
Support PMs will be ignored!

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