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There is no Attachment Section showing when i create a New Thread.

In admin the attachment option is enabled.

The user group attachment option is enabled.

I enabled the default theme, it also does not show.

Is there some other setting that needs to be enabled?

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When attachment settings are enabled, then first check the templates and missing files (*.js) - especially when you did an upgrade of the version.

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I installed the latest version 1.8.29.
I never upgraded to that version.

I am using the Carbon Theme by Rooloo.

On my dummy domain site its also having the same problem.
I use it to install plugins before i install them on the main domain.

I have disabled almost all the plugins on my main site, no luck.

I have run out of ideas to try on the current install.

Last option
I might try setup another dummy domain & do a fresh install with no plugins.
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Since MyBB changed the attachment screen to drag and drop as of 1.8.27 (I think it was) - check your theme has upgraded templates for post_attachments_attachment, post_attachments_new, and post_javascript.  Your theme last upgraded 2020-05-13 and is likely based on the old system.
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Thanks for your help nixer55.

It was as simple as that.

I installed another theme.
The attachment option is showing now.

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