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the name of file before was "syndication2.php", and i use it in many sites for sending rss.

the name of new version(1.6) is "syndication.php" and number "2" is removed.

what can I do?

can I rename this file to "syndication2.php"? AND then upload it.

please help.
Of course you can rename it. I use both versions on one site: syndication.php for threads only (MyBB default) and syndication2.php for every post.
hello :-)

please can you help me in this thread about my "rss.php" file
for a little personalization?

(2009-12-20, 06:02 AM)Shemo Wrote: very nice....I'll use it on my forum..this will be nice for posting to twitter.

I´m doing it in Twitter, Wordpress and Facebook, 1 feed every 30 minutes Big Grin

Works great!.

feedburner said my rss file is too big(over 576kb).
what can i do? for becoming smaller?
Updated attachment in first post (taken from MyBB 1.6.3)...
Thanks alot!

I was searching for this ...
This looks great! Are the RSS feeds from all MyBB boards desperately slow, though? Mine seems to update only every day or two! Is something wrong there?
(2010-02-16, 04:57 PM)Prtik Wrote: I changed the file syndication.php to show the name of the author.

Hello Prtik and/or Querschlaeger,

Just to ask about the name of the author of the post. I switched from Twitterfeed into trying to pull also the name of the author or the username of my board in the RSS Feeds who goes to my board´s Facebook page and my board´s Twitter account.

All selected posts goes well in both destinations but only is possible to include: Title (Post subject in MyBB), Shortened Post Link (The actual MyBB´s Post Link, not the Thread Link), and the Post Body (The actual 450 max MyBB post´characters allowed). Since all current feeds are posted under the name of the board and since no Name of the Author is being pulled via RSS, how can I, at least, to pull the Username to be inside the Post Body somehow so people outside, knows who is posting.

Prtik said he managed to re-mod it so the author shows up, I downloaded the latest Syndication2 file, uploaded it via FTP, created the RSS path something missing?, do you recommend the use of another tool instead twitterfeed or to have the Author also being pulled off?

For me this Mod is very valuable and thanks for creating it.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.
Hi there,

I was wondering, has anybody got any clue on how to reduce the length of the posts that appear in the feed? At the moment the posts are being published in their entirety, while I would like only the first few lines.


Ah... file works fine with 1.6.8 Smile

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