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[For 1.6] MyBlu Theme
I'll also fix these issues in the update. If there's anything else just let me know. Smile
error message when trying to install the theme:

The following errors were encountered:
MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.
Odd, it doesn't seem to like the version number. Change 1.6.1 to 1.6 on the first line of the XML file or download the attachment on the first post. Smile
Hi! Here some new work for you)

1. not enough margin at the bottom of upper square (or too much at the top).
Even in english language - inscription is not in the center of the blue square area (vertically).
(I guess I'll just edit the template and remove extra fields. (Last Visit Time, etc.) to reduce the inscription to two lines.)
2. images and text at the bottom are not located on a straight line

3. Portal section. There some line at the top of avatars.

4. Thread section. Post buttons and post date not aligned vertically by one straight line, like in default theme (red line on screen...) but that not critical. So I think the buttons should be slightly shifted down (at the same distance as the right of the buttons) as in default theme of myBB.
And as you see - there some problem with the buttons in the upper post, when the autor name is too long.

5. Classic view. In the default thread style there is no line that separates posts and buttons after them. Maybe you'll remove this line in classic mode as well?

P.S. The blue background colors are great!
Updated again, fixes 1,3,4,5 from the above post -
1. if forum have subforum - there is not empty space between "User(s) browsing this forum" and thread list

2. that "extra rounded corner" appears in google chrome only.

That only appears for admins and moderators. It's because the replies column needs to be rounded for regular members.
i'm updated my post and screen:
1. if forum have subforum - there is not empty space between "User(s) browsing this forum" and thread list
Add a <br /> to the very begining of the forumdisplay_subforums template. Smile
Looks like your tortures came to an end!
I congratulate you with the perfect template!)
Wish you and your pet's health and happiness! ;D

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