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Patches 1.5
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Updated the plugin to 1.5 today.

I've moved the controls to the left hand side, so controls and labels won't be too far apart on wide screen monitors.

Also, both Hooks and Patches plugins are now included in a single archive, since those two plugins are so closely related to one another. You can still enable/disable them separately, but they may grow closer together in the future (share code).
Nice one frostschutz. Patches is still one of my favourite plugins and one of my first installs.
Totally agree. I use Patches and wouldn't want to be without it. Smile
This is a pretty good plugin. However, I'd like to know why something that can change core code in your php doesn't have any permission settings?

At the very least it should require using $config[super_admins].

Please consider adding it.

EDIT: Actually I think I see what you did. Since it hooks into the Plugins section tabs it uses those perms. So if an admin doesn't have permission for Plugins then they can't use Patches. That's cool. Thanks and sorry for the invalid complaint.

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