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Full Version: myBB 1.2 BETA
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Or maybe our beta testers have changed in personality Rolleyes

J/k Toungue
Or maybe because this is a "minor" release? Probably when version 2.0 comes out, beta testers won't tell anything Toungue
Um...I think it's quite a major release...
Yeah, wasn't the release of 1.0 something bigger? I don't know, since I wasn't registered.
Either way - it doesn't bother me. Knowing about the new features keeps people interested in the software. Wink
1.2 is definitely a step in the right direction for MyBB. I'm honored to be one of the beta testers and see a very promising future for MyBB. Cleaning up the code was a great idea and shows Chris and the crew are committed to pushing the envelope on development. The new features will leave many people salivating and wanting more.

Great job guys!
I, too, am getting my feet wet with the beta. The user interface has changed in a good way.
hmm.. i don't see many differences.. just some enhancements to the current..
Mybb 1.2 is a scary thing. I have umpteen custom pages. All using mybb's functions and variables. There all going to have to be changed to work with the new system. Ah well, as long as my clients receive a better user experience i don't mind the extra research and work.
tmhai Wrote:there is a major code overhaul, you obviously cant see it but the code has changed significantly, its much cleaner and faster.

how much different are the templates going to be changed. for the themes...

im going to have to completely redo my theme templates.. so i'll have to install a new board to do it...
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