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Full Version: myBB 1.2 BETA
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Damn. How many bugs so far were found in the new version? Were there alot of them? Or not too many?
tristan/SMM Wrote:Damn. How many bugs so far were found in the new version? Were there alot of them? Or not too many?
ATM, I believe something like 193 that have been reported and fixed from both front/back end.
Whoa! Just from reading that, I now appreciate even more what Dennis, Ryan, Chris and all the other members of the MyBB team do to give us this awesome software free! 193 bugs?! Holy cow that's alot to fix! Thanks to every member of the MyBB Development and Support teams for all your hard work. I know you can fix those bugs!

One thing that I would love to see, Don't know if its possible to do this... but have it in admin cp, you can upload modified default images... like postbit, thead_bg etc... so you can make your own skin without having to have an FTP client.... and people with forums could also make their own skin...

Just a suggestion... I don't know if its possible...
That would rule!!
Yes, it would rule... my only concern would be that the server might run out of room after 500-1000 people have uploaded... I don't know how much space the server has... alternitivly, you could just buy more servers...

And if they did put that into mybb 1.2, it would beat PHPBB/IPB/VB by miles... of couse, it already does... but... it would deffinitly help get mybb more popular, and more people using it...
You have seen this request from me all over the place, but the one thing I like about phpBB is that it has permissions on a per-user basis as well as by group. I know it would be alot of work but I would love to see it happen. Also, permissions should be a little more "specific". For instance, if somebody puts some inappropriate material in their signature and they keep putting it back in despite my efforts to delete it, I would like to be able to revoke siggy privileges without locking them out of their entire userCP. Have a look at my post over in the MyBB Vs. phpBB thread in the Chit Chat section for more details if you don not get what I am saying clearly enough or just need more details. This would really be a great feature for MyBB to have.
Have any of the templates been deleted/renamed since 1.1.x?
If not, it should be easy to change the syntax of the templates in the XML files with a few quick search and replace commands.
Based on a quick comparison of the XML files, I estimate that there are 16 deleted or renamed templates and 28 new templates.
Ok, thanks
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