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Full Version: wich antivirus do you use?
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(2016-06-15, 09:03 AM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: [ -> ]
(2011-12-01, 09:03 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: [ -> ]Linux Big Grin

It continues.

I'd hope you still scan emails/files that you might share with Windows using colleagues Wink keep ClamAV around just to scan emails just in case.
OS X. While, yes, there has been some widely distributed malware for it, it has always been relatively low-impact because it's currently so easy to get rid of. Kill process, delete executable, profit.
Kaspersky. Been using it for years without any issues. I also use Windows Defender with some manual adjustments and helps to keep me virus free. I'm extremely careful about malware as well.
Kaspersky but it killed my Facebook recently because of some encryption issues.
I use Avast!
Avira. I like my antivirus to do it's job without bothering me too much - this one keeps to itself enough !
I only use Defender because it is activated in windows 10. I have not gotten a virus because frankly I do not go to sites that I have to be concerned about.
Kaspersky which helps in securing important and huge data
I like Avast and Kaspersky.
I'm using Avast Free Edition as my anti-virus.
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